Paper submission form:

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  2. Paper submission form

Submission Notes:

  1. Papers in both Chinese and English are encouraged to be published in English.
  2. The abstract format contains 3-5 keywords, and the content should not exceed 500 words. The abstract format should be written according to the template of the Association and submitted in DOC file format. Download the template:Abstract Template.
  3. In order to require the quality of the seminar, the full text of the paper should be submitted for those whose abstract submissions have been reviewed and accepted.


The conference topics should be related but not restricted to:
  1. Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems
  2. Artificial Intelligence Industry Application
  3. Information Systems Analysis And Specification
  4. Human-Computer Interaction
  5. Innovation management
  6. Intelligence Technology Applications
  7. Intellectual Property Rights Practices
  8. Security Management
  9. Multimedia Design
  10. Animation
  11. Game Design
  12. Interactive Design
  13. Digital Video
  14. VR/AR/MR
  15. Technological Arts
  16. Visual Aesthetics
  17. Human Computer Interface
Full submission format description:

1.Manuscripts Upload:

    Please use the following guidelines to present and submit your article.

    (1) Use Manuscript Template_Chinese or Manuscript Template_English.
    (2) Manuscript file name: Manuscript number_ Lead author name_ Paper_title.
    (3) Fill in the Copyright Licensing Agreement_Chineseor the Copyright Licensing Agreement_English. Upload the signed form.
         Scanned or photographed will be fine.
    (4) Copyright Licensing Agreement file name: Manuscript number_ Lead author name_ Paper_title.
    (5) Submit the manuscript in Word format and the copyright licensing agreement in PDF format.
    (6) Electronic Submission: Registration website
    (7) Complete the following but NOT later than Aug. 25th, 2024.


3.Types of Presentation:

         Oral presentations will usually conform to the 10 minutes. Conference agenda and detailed program will post on November . 1,      2024.
         2024 ICID provides each poster presenter with one bulletin board and the presenter can mount their poster. The poster size      must be formatted to A0-sized poster (84.1 cm (W) x 118.9cm(H) )as Appendix
         Please use bold font for the title, and write the text in italics and Times New Roman in both Chinese and English.The text      content is written horizontally, except for the title, author, and school department (unit) data in one column, centered and      aligned.Others adopt a one-page double-column approach to design.
         Mainly present research results, except for the title and abstract in both Chinese and English, It is recommended to write in      the order of chapters (introduction, literature discussion, research method (or creation method)... etc.), The content is subject      to the author’s discretion, and the poster size shall not exceed the limit (reference format Chinese version and English
    (3) Paper presentation is on the principle of one person. Please add the # after the author’s name in the paper.
    (4) International Conference on Innovation and Design 2024 is going to take place on November . 8, 2024 at Chihlee University of      Technology. If it takes place through the remote meeting without travelling far due to the COVID-19, the detailed program      will post on the website.


    After the full text of the paper is revised, it will be made into an electronic file, authorizing the Institute to deposit on the website of the Office and publishing research publications, and donating it to academic research units and libraries.